In the Barnyard: Who are Bohemian Farmgirls?

Bohemian Farmgirl is something that has evolved over years of trying to figure out how to weave all of the meaningful parts of my life together. This is what it means to me, and if it touches part of your soul then my guess is that you are a Bohemian Farmgirl too.

1. Growing a Family--First and foremost, comes family. This may be your biological or chosen family, but whomever your family includes, it's roots dig deep and provide grounding for growth above the surface of the soil.

2. Planting a Farm--Modern homesteading is a way of life for a Bohemian Farmgirl. This may include anything from a windowsill garden to acres of land, buying local and supporting small farms to growing and raising all of your food yourself, and cultivating dreams of homesteading no matter if you live in the city or country.

3. Nurturing a Creative Life--This is the heart of a Bohemian Farmgirl and what brings us all together creating a community of ideas and inspiration. Living a creative life is the wellspring of joy that provides energy to make our dreams reality, no matter what the circumstances. And we all help each other along the way.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Custom Homestead: Steps 6 & 7

If you have been following along as I work through Jill Winger's 21 steps to a custom homestead (, you can see that I have been working at a slow-as-molasses pace.  This is tough for someone who thoroughly enjoys instant gratification!  I encourage you to go at your own pace as well.  Each step you take is one closer to your dream.

Jill's advice (Step 6) is to prioritize your homestead To Do List.  "Focus your energies on the tasks that need immediate attention, and try not to spend valuable energy worrying about the rest," Jill says.  Easier said than done, I know.  But I figured I'd try this one on for size and see how it goes.   Since my homestead is located in an urban apartment 8 stories above a very busy street, I don't have to worry about mending pasture fences or building new ones just yet.  (But I must admit, I really wish I did!)  So my priorities are the things I listed in my previous post that are part of my one year plan.  I've been gathering materials to redecorate my nest as well, so that I can try to feel like I'm in my future farmhouse for the remainder of my time in the city.  As each of these items on my list are begun and completed, I know in my heart that pastures and fences are in our future.  Until then, I can make them out of popsicle sticks and construction paper with my daughter ;)

Step 7:  "Don't Be In a Hurry".  Okay Jill, you are talking to people that are just itching with desire to dive into knee deep grass and compost piles here.  We ARE in a hurry!  But her wisdom from experience prevails.  "As you attempt to return to your roots and pursue simple living, you will discover a concept that our ancestors were very familiar with--most things take time."  When I create, I also remind myself that the depth of the experience lies in the process.  This means being patient with myself and the world.  Staring at a seed in the dirt and willing it to grow won't make it grow any faster.

Grow already!

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